SHG and Livelihood Activities



On 31st January program started at Afternoon 1.30 P.M. it started with short introduction of each staff was given by Miss. Anima Baghwar. Village peoples welcomed Fr. Pascal Xalxo by khada. In this program total number of participant was more than 150. Fr. Pascal spoke about his working experience and how long he is working, from where HLDRC started by short story. Along with that he also told that how HLDRC work for people like mid day meal, rationing, providing job training and placement, land rights, livelihood, education, job card related.

Mrs. Nisheta Lakra told about schemes available in Self Help Group(SHG) like house repairing and health card.
Mr. Basil Ekka told about what is Lok Manch, how people benefited by Lok Manch. He told that lok manch work for peoples regarding their problems. Lok manch teach how to solve their problem by their own knowledge. As well as he told about Panchayat level work, govt. schemes, education related also. He also told that we provide training like TCS, Computer classes, spoken english at HLDRC centre and we try to provide jobs in various sectors.

Mr. Bipin Kishor Tirkey told that how HLDRC work in tea garden areas, in many the garden there are PF, Pension problem. Specially Adhaar Card related problem in the tea garden areas, and we help them to rectify their documents. In tea garden areas people faces S.T Certificate related problem also, there also HLDRC doing intervention by setting up help desk at tea garden for solving their problems.
On discussing these current activities the seminar ended.

Empowering of Women through SHGs and Livelihood Activities

In order to empower the tea garden workers, especially women, a greater thrust was given on the formation and training of Self-Help Groups. The HLDRC coordinator for SHG Ms Nisheta Lakra (Tanti) increased the momentum by visiting every nook and corner of Terai region; as a result, the number of SHGs doubled from 22 in 2015 to 45 groups at the end of 2016. The new groups were formed in Darangaline, Rai Line, Deepa Line, Bomra Line, George Line of Kamala Bagan and Toonah and Moonee Divisions of Gungaram Tea Garden. Two seminars were exclusively organized for the SHGs wherein Gram Panchayat level personnel were invited to share the aims and objectives of SHGs so as to focus the activities undertaken and to take the SHGs on the right direction. Fr. Lalit, the director of the centre showed videos of SHGs from different states of India so as to inspire various groups to take up more enterprising activities.

For generating additional income some groups went for tried and tested chairs and tables. But some youth groups came up with tent making, pandal making and catering businesses which have been bringing much needed additional income for the tea garden groups.