Weaving Handloom

Programs :

1/ Weaving Handloom :

In this program Prabhat Tara Womens Development Centre is supporting 50 families through weaving of handloom products. Weaving women are supported to produce traditional clothes such as motia sarees, Bengali tant sarees various tribal shawls, gamchas , bags and linens etc.

2/ Training in weaving: PTWDC also is running training program in weaving for as a 3-month course and has a hostel facility for the trainee women. The charges for the training and stay are nominal. We have trained about 100 students in the past years in weaving. This program is conducted to help the tea garden women to learn alternative means of livelihood.

3/ Tailoring and embroidery:

Prabhat Tara Vocational Training Centre runs tailoring and embroidery program. The duration of the course is of 1 year.  Mostly local Bengali and tribal women are the beneficiaries of this program. Every year we about 100 students though this program. Charges are minimum for the course.

4/ Computer Operating Program:

Loyola Vocational Training Centre [LVTC] provides computer classes in Matigara now after getting shifted from Gurung Basti , Siliguri. The focus of the centre is the tea garden youth who need to learn computers. It can accommodate any number of students all through the year.

5/ Training in Housekeeping and Cooking for Domestic Help:

Training in housekeeping and cooking for the domestic helpers is started at Prabhat Tara Women’s Development Centre, Matigara to organize the unorganized domestic helpers. The young men and women are taught to keep house, cook, bake and provide services at home or in a hotel. They are also given placement at the end of the program. The whole focus in the program is to provide training for jobs, safe migration, placement and legal support.  There are 11 students for the program in the first batch.

 6/ Course on Spoken English:

Loyola Vocational Training Centre [LVTC] conducts every year course on spoken English for the class 10 and 12 students. This is done in order to help the students prepare for their further studies. This is course can be done by others too such as:  School children, college students, adults, house wives, etc.