Work on PF, Pension and Govt. Schemes

Training on PF, Pension, Student Scholarship and Govt Schemes:

This program is also an important activity that HLDRC is engaged in. The activity includes conducting mass awareness programs on importance of PF, Pension and Gratuity, Govt Schemes, student scholarship etc followed by training /workshops for a select group of men, women and youth. With guidance from retired PF enforcement officer Mr Lazarus Ekka, HLDRC staff Kishor Tirkey and Punamraj Toppo and Pradeep Kujur have already been able to help obtain PF and pensions of about a 100 retired workers from Kamala Bagan, Bhojnarayan, Gayaganga, Matidhar, Sanyasi and Maruti tea gardens. Likewise, after seminars in different gardens, students’ groups have been formed to fill up forms for PF/pension, ST/SC certificates and various student scholarships.

In all, about 200 ST certificates have been obtained. Similarly, many students have been helped to get financial assistance from Tea Board of India. At regular basis the HLDRC staff has been helping prepare PAN card, Aadhar Card and documents essential for availing any government scheme. In order to help tea workers and other village people to avail various Government Schemes, Fr. Lalit and Mr Punamraj Toppo (an HLDRC staff) have published a simplified booklet on Government Schemes that have been sold out like hot cakes and needs new edition.